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Jermain on his school tour…


This week marks the start of my first schools tour. This tour is apart of raising awareness about National Citizens Service (NCS) ncsyes.co.uk
It will take me across the country to a number of schools; from Ipswich and Nottingham to Leeds and many more.

During these tours I’ll be talking about my experience with NCS when I graduated in 2011 alongside my promoting my album.

My role as an ambassador is to give students some idea of what to expect: fun, excitement, new experiences and challenges. I’ll talk about the independence of staying away from home and as well as helping them to realise their full potiential and the belief to go after their dreams and ambitions.

I’m using this opportunity to also perform my single ‘How will I Know’ (click here to watch the video) around the country. Very strong promo tool. I’ll be travelling with my guitarist; Matt Allen.

This week also mark less than 30days until the release of my self titled album. Very exciting! – This means (in Political terms) we are in the short campaign. The last push and drive to get everyone to pre order the album. Its now available on iTunes, Google Play and other outlets!

Go out and encourage friends and family to buy the album

Peace and love and thanks for your continued support!