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Tour & Album release: Jermain’s Blog entry update


So its finally here!! All those months of hard work, blood, sweat and tears! Im proud to announce that this year release week!!

The album came out on Monday 23rd March and so far so good! – The lead up to the 23rd was intense. We had just finished our three and a half week schools tour, going around the country to secondary schools, colleges, sixth forms and Academies alongside that I had radio interviews left, right and centre!

When that was over my attention was pulled to the preperations for a certain Saturday Night on BBC1!!! – I was returning to the The Voice to perform my debut single! And i wanted to make sure i was involved in the planning and decision making process. So i attending the first meeting where we decided what the stage plan with be… And I came up with this drawing {Insert pic of my drawing Sharon, Melissa/ Label should have it btw}

I can’t draw to save my life but with my ok explanation everyone around the table agreed and we ran with it. Thanks to Tom Denning, my creative director for bringing my drawing to life and thanks to Michele Duverney my choreographer for adding colour and a great vibe to my performance with her dancers and expertise.

During that week of rehearsals i had to shifts gears and sing on Blue peter, be interviewed live in the CBBC office and Jonthan Ross’s BBC Radio 2 show.



Saturday night, Live on BBC1 brought a lot of memories back, From nervousness to excitement. While performing live on The Voice my main issues was walking down the stairs and go back at the end of the song to sit on the stairs. Lord knows i struggled during rehearsals but i didn’t allow that to sway my determination to nail it there and then!

I was nervous, excited but ready1… Bring it on.

Soon after my Voice performance i then had to prepare for Monday’s release and the Wireless announcement… I had one last push of promotion! It was a weird feeling because it felt like it was  christmas… It wasn’t the excitement for a particular event, it was the excitement for an actual day so it felt like a birthday or something like that.

Monday!! ALBUM RELEASE!!!! I woke up that morning to the sound of my album being blasted through my living room stereo by my mum and the rush of tweets and Facebook notifications!! The excitement was hitting the roof and till this day the excitement hasn’t come down!!